Friday, 3 June 2016

The parable of the toll gate..

Some of us may never hold a mustard seed In our hands. If Jesus were here in this century I think you would use this example: I call it "The parable of the toll gate"... When a driver in a car that has an e-tag installed reaches a tollgate, they do not go over to the cashier and try to make a payment, why? Because the payment is processed in the e-tag. The driver simply skips the usually long ques and heads straight to the e-toll section, and as always, without fail, the boom gate opens. See the e-tag was made as a response to quicker service at the toll gate.

Where am I going with this? Bear with me... a few months ago when my car had been taken in for repairs, my insurance gave me a courtesy car for the period. And it had an e-tag. This one day while in that car, I gave a few people a lift and after the third tollgate this woman decides to ask me: "hey Shalom, are Tollgates free today because you haven't paid for one thus far..." I wish I had this revelation then that I just got now...

The parable of the toll gate is this: the road represents your journey of life, the tollgate represents the obstacles like sickness, joblessness, poverty, oppression, barrenness etc... and the e-tag is your faith. The e-tag technology is designed to communicate with the Tollgate automatically. Your faith is designed to speak to your obstacle, whether or not your wallet is around, the obstacle will move, the boom gate will open... the opening of the boom is not the responsibility of the driver, the driver only needs to have the e-tag....

As for the question that woman posed that day... the answer is YES all the Tollgates are free forever, the price of your e-tag was paid for by Jesus at the cross. Child of God, drive through that gate with confidence. Drive through that obstacle with confidence, it doesn't matter what the price of that Tollgate is, it has been prepaid and you have been given the key and it is your FAITH...

My peace I give you - Shalom


  1. Lovely read... Through faith we shall overcome all obstacles indeed.
    After passing the first toll we anticipate the next one. And the e-tag remains our beacon of hope.

  2. Parable of thd toll gate!! Wow!!

  3. Parable of thd toll gate!! Wow!!