Wednesday, 8 June 2016

In the presence of which enemies?

I often wondered where I would get enemies in the time of my blessing.. I wondered how they would get to see and maybe even taste of the great food on the table the Lord is busy setting for me.. This was all until recently (actually just now). I don't wonder anymore because our enemies are never too far from us. Let's look at a famous example in the Bible (1 Samuel 1:2)

So there was this guy Elkanah who had two wives.  The name of the one was Hannah, and the name of the other Peninnah: and Peninnah had children, but Hannah had no children. This was (still is) obviously not the ideal living situation. Peninnah made an enemy of Hannah when she began mocking her about her barrenness year after year, to make it worse, she would mock her even when she went to worship the Lord in Shiloh. Don’t you just hate it when your enemies oppress you even at church? Displaying their millions, talking about how their children are so successful when you are still praying for a partner?

In some families, barrenness might not be the cause of enmity, it could be health, wealth, education level, marital status, age, gender, political difference, and the list goes on... The point is that there is usually minor differences that cause people in a family unit to not only fall apart but become enemies too.

The Lord is surely going to set a table before all His children. I would like for you to take some time and think about this. If people could invite whoever they consider to be their enemy, how many dinner tables would you sit around before the Lord hosted yours???

It is time for us to put away the Peninnah spirit in our families and communities. It's time to start praying with the barren and uplifting the downtrodden.

If you were also praying Hannah's prayer, fasting that your enemy may be put to shame, make sure you know who the real enemy is. The enemy is the one trying to shatter your family. Forgive and seek forgiveness for having a hurtful Peninnah and a vengeful Hannah spirit.

The Lord is truly going to bless you and lay a table for you before your enemies, please just get the guest list correct before the invites go out.

My Peace I Give You - Shalom


  1. Thank you for the powerful message

  2. Wow... Lord forgive for the hurtful Peninnah and vengeful Hannah spirit. Powerful indeed.

    God bless...

  3. My God. Thank you for the message and God use you more. My today situation made easy.

  4. This was a good read and thank you for sharing these peaceful words of encouragement.

    Indeed shalom is with us!